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Chats is an in-app secure communication tool that allows you to create real-time chat threads, like DMs. Both you and your accountant get a notification when one of you leaves a new chat. In Chats:

  • Fala com o seu contabilista; faz e responde a perguntas.
  • Upload and download forms. More on managing files within chats
  • All chats and attached files are stored in one spot. 
  • You can attach files and embed videos from Loom, YouTube, Google Drive or Vimeo. 
  • O seu contabilista pode acrescentar tarefas para si.
  • Uma vez concluída uma tarefa, você ou o seu contabilista verificam-na.
  • Se precisar, pode também ver todas as suas tarefas numa página separada.
  • Uma vez abordado tudo num fio, o seu contabilista arquiva-o.

Criar chats

If you have a question for your accountant, create a chat:

1. Go to the  Chats section in the navigation bar and tap Message firm.

2. Write a subject and tap Start. This will create a new chat thread. 

3. Write a message, apply formatting and use bullets or numbered lists as needed. Then, tap the Send button.

It's done! Now, all you need to do is wait for a response from your accountant.

Viewing and Replying to chats

Once there’s a new chat, you’ll see a notification in the Home section under the Chats subsection. All pending chats, along with any included tasks, are displayed on your dashboard. Click the notification to view and respond.

You’ll always get a push notification when your accountant sends you a message or asks for extra info. Tap the notification to view it.

To access your chats, tap the Chats section in the navigation bar or tap the Chats subsection in the Home section. 

If you have unread chats, you will see them on the top in the Waiting for Action block. All threads are sorted chronologically by the latest response. 

The red number on the right indicates chats needing attention. Threads show the latest response, author, subject, and client task status. Unread threads have a red badge containing the number of unread chats and unchecked tasks.

Tap the thread title to view and reply. Read the message, type a reply in the message field, then tap the send icon when you’re done.

Gerir as suas tarefas

Your accountant might assign tasks for you inside a chat thread. They’ll look like a to-do checklist. Your accountant can add tasks to a thread at any time. Once a task is completed, either you or your accountant checks it off.

Adicionar ligações a vídeos

Pode incorporar vídeos do Loom, YouTube, Google Drive ou Vimeo se precisar de os partilhar com o seu contabilista. Para o fazer:

1. Copiar uma ligação para um vídeo.

2. Toque no ícone de mais dentro de um tópico de conversação e seleccione Incorporar vídeo.

3. Cole a ligação e toque em Anexar.

4. Adicione qualquer mensagem a um vídeo e toque no ícone de envio.

Agora, o utilizador e o seu contabilista podem ver o vídeo incorporado diretamente a partir da aplicação.

How to View Chat Task History: Audit Trail

You can always see everything that has happened with a task inside a chat. TaxDome’s audit log lets you find out when someone...

  • ...added a task to a chat.
  • ...deleted a task from a chat.
  • ...verificou a conclusão de uma tarefa.

To view a task’s history in a chat, long-tap the document in the chat thread or go to the  Attached tab inside a chat thread, long-tap the chosen document and tap Audit trail

In the Audit trail window, you'll discover the following details about a chat's history:
  • User: The first and last name, along with the email address, of any user who has made changes to the task.
  • Event: Describes the action that occurred with the task.
  • Server time: The timestamp indicating when the event took place on the server.
  • Client time: The timestamp indicating when the event was perceived on the client's end.
  • IP address: The unique numerical label assigned to the device that accessed or modified the task.
  • Browser: The web browser application used during the event or mobile application.
  • OS: The operating system within the web application context.
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