Móvel: Pagar as suas facturas

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Paying from Billing section

You will always get a push notification when the accountant sends you an invoice.

Tap the notification to get to the Billing section immediately, then do one of the following steps:

  • Pay at once. Tap the Pay all button to pay for all outstanding invoices at once. If you have available credits, they will be deducted from the invoice amount. You can also tap on each unpaid invoice to review payment details. Enter your personal details and your card/bank account details, then proceed with the payment.

  • Pay individually. Tap on one of the listed invoices to make a single payment.

Nota: todos os pagamentos são efectuados através de um serviço de processamento de pagamentos seguro. Não guardaremos os seus dados de pagamento.

Pagamento a partir do Painel de Controle

The other way to pay your invoices is to make a payment directly from the Dashboard, which is the first thing you see after you’ve logged in to TaxDome mobile app. You can also access the dashboard at any time by tapping the Home button at the bottom left.

If you have invoices due, you will see a notification here in the Billing section.

Para pagar uma factura pendente:

1. Tap the notification, then review the information about payment. If you have credits available, they will be deducted from the invoice amount.

2. Introduza os seus dados pessoais e os dados do seu cartão/conta bancária, depois proceda com o pagamento.

Your Billing section 

To get to the Billing section from your Home screen, tap the Billing button in the navigation menu.

Invoices that require payment are placed in the Waiting for action section. To view all of them, click on the Load more button.

Below, you will find a section divided into three categories:

  1. Invoices: provides a history of paid invoices.
  2. Recurring: lists all recurrent invoices for regular services you.
  3. Payments: shows a history of payments made to your account.

Review invoice details

To see details, tap on any invoice.

A informação disponível sobre as suas facturas inclui:

  1. Status. Invoices can be unpaid, paid, or overdue. Paid invoices have a green icon, unpaid invoices have a grey icon, and overdue invoices have a red icon.
  2. Total. Invoice amount.
  3. Date paid. Date the invoice was paid (only applicable for paid invoices).
  4. Date posted. The date the invoice was issued.
  5. Descrição. A descrição introduzida durante a criação de uma factura.
  6. Créditos disponíveis. Montante de fundos disponíveis que podem ser utilizados para pagar facturas.

Your amount due is displayed below the details. If you have any credits, they are automatically applied. You can pay an invoice due directly with your credit card.

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