Móvel: Como Aprovar Documentos Preparados Firme

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O que é a Aprovação de Documentos?

Once you have paid your bill, you will be able to download the documents that have been prepared by your accountant. To make sure that you are satisfied with their work and to make corrections easier, you can review and approve firm prepared documents directly from TaxDome app. If you are not satisfied, you can indicate the reason.

If you have documents that are awaiting approval, you will find them in the Documents category of your Dashboard with Pending approval status. Click to view the document.

All documents that require approval will appear in the Documents section, under the Waiting for action subsection, with a status of Pending approval.

To approve a document, tap the document title, then review the contents of the file. If the approval was requested for a document that was locked by a bill, you will need to settle that bill first.

Aprovação de documentos preparados pela empresa

If you are satisfied with the document, tap the Approve button. The accountant will get a notification on this.

If you need to print the document or view the audit trail, tap the three dots icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Rejeição de documentos preparados pela empresa

Se não estiver satisfeito com o documento preparado:

  1. Tap the Decline button.
  2. Indicate the reason for rejection and tap Submit

Your accountant will resolve any issues and send a new approval request.

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